Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post WI, Big Labor Finds Solidarity With Islamists

In a recent statement about the Wisconsin Recall election,  Richard Trumka, prominent leader of the AFL-CIO, tried to put a positive light on things in order to boost the morale of union workers.     By pointing out that the Democrats had gained one State Senate Seat in the election, he categorized the vote as a victory for Wisconsin's Labor Unions.    The reality of the situation, however, is that extra Senate Seat is not enough to change the legislation enacted by Scott Walker.   Governor Walker's signature is still needed in order to reverse that legislation; and he is still the Governor of Wisconsin. 

In addition to trumpeting that State Senate Seat as a victory, Mr. Trumka also claimed that the revolutionary momentum from the Arab Spring is on the side of Big Labor, according to an article by World Net Daily.      He proudly expressed solidarity with the Islamists in Tunisia and other North African States.     

I've heard the expression that "politics makes for strange bedfellows," but the idea of the Secular American Left joining forces with Islamists strikes me, at first blush, as very strange.    If the world wasn't facing so many very serious threats to prosperity, civility, and peace, I'd be tempted to laugh at the thought.    Can you imagine a cadre of Homosexual Marriage Activists standing on the Democratic Convention Floor right next to a gaggle of   North African Islamists?!   Is the "Big Tent" really that  big?!   

But, seriously now ... very seriously, things are actually quite unstable these days, and such statements by a hard left labor union leader should not be taken lightly.    Indeed, some fear that the world is on the brink of World War 3.    If so, we need to be on the lookout for the formation of hostile "Axes of Evil," which may even include certain elements within our homeland.   So, it would behoove us all to ask, with great sobriety and solemnity, what, exactly, did the esteemed labor leader mean by that statement?    

Do the Labor Unions hate Freedom, Prosperity, Capitalism, and the American Right so much that they are willing to join forces with foreign Islamists in an effort to defeat us right here in America?

Upon further reflection about this Labor-Islam alliance, one does actually notice some similarities between American Labor Unions and Tunisian Islamists.     For starters, they both use violence; and they both hate American Republicans & Conservative Christians.

For example, American Labor Unions are authorized, by federal law, to use physical violence to prevent non unionized workers from crossing a picket line and going to work.   And, there are reports of multiple death threats on Twitter, against Governor Scott Walker.    As shown in the following video, union bosses have a long history of federally authorized violence, right here in the U.S.:

Likewise, the Qu'ran authorizes the use of physical violence by a husband against his wife, in order to enforce Sharia Law in the Muslim home.   In Germany, recently, a Muslim man beheaded his wife, in front of their six children, and then threw her decapitated head from the roof of his apartment building, while screaming chants to the glory of his so-called god, Allah, according to a June 4th article in the Daily Mail.

The Qu'ran also authorizes Muslims to use lethal force to prevent adherants from converting to another faith, like Christianity, as the fate of a young Tunisian man shows.

After converting to Christianity and re-styling himself as a clean shaven guy with a white T-shirt and blue athletic shorts, he was promptly beheaded by his Muslim brethren, who proudly filmed the gruesome event and published it, in an apparent effort to scare other Muslims away from the idea of converting to Christianity.    He lost his life, and his head, just for seeking freedom from Mohamed and happiness in Jesus Christ.  


According to his recent statements, the senior labor leader Mike Trumka, who has a history of leading violent labor actions in the U.S. is now allied with these Tunisian Islamists.    They have a common enemy, namely Christian Conservatives & American Republicans; and they both use violence to maintain the loyalty of their followers.    Perhaps the AFL-CIO is comparing notes with the Islamists on the use of violence.   In their desparation after the Wisconsin Recall election, the labor unions may even be considering the use of beheadings as a deterrant against non-unionized workers, Republican politicians, and conservative journalists.

American Republicans and Christian Conservatives  are watching this alliance very closely.     It has the potential to be a threat to peace and prosperity, both foreign and domestic.    It is, therefore, both our Right and our Duty to maintain eternal vigilance against these evil forces and to spread the alarm far and wide.       Islam & Socialism are both violent & coercive ideologies that threaten the peace, prosperity, and freedom of all humanity; and the combination of the two could be the Most UnHoly Alliance that the world has ever seen.



  1. " In their desparation after the Wisconsin Recall election, the labor unions may even be considering the use of beheadings as a deterrant against non-unionized workers, Republican politicians, and conservative journalists."

    Really? Cite a source. I'm a conservative but this kind a rhetoric does nothing to further our interests. Statements like this or that Keynesian economic policies promote homosexuality, as you claim in another blog entry, are as outlandish as they are ridiculous. Surely the political left and their friends in the media will latch on to such far fetched comments to demonize and undermine more reasoned conservative ideology.

    Additionally, while I am not arguing that unions employ intimidation and threats of violence and in some cases even actual violence against those reinforcing to cross a picket line, you claim this is sanctioned by federal law. Again cite a source. What law allows physical violence so long as it furthers the interest of a union or its members? I doubt you'll be able to provide one as I find the statement highly suspect. The DOJ, under Holder, may be reticent to prosecute those involved in such an act but that is not the same as it being enshrined in the law.

    Luckily, for conservatives, it appears your blog is read by few and your opinions shared by even fewer.


  2. In my previous post "reinforcing" should be replaced with "attempting". Yet another reason I hate auto-correct.


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  4. TO MIKE:

    1. When a high profile academic is an avowed & open homosexual, then his lifestyle becomes an example to the world. When that academic's teachings are respected, esteemed, and promoted; then his lifestyle becomes the subject of gossip and an example to the world. This is Common Sense and does not require a source.

    2. For a source on the federal labor laws that sanction violence, please watch the video on labor violence, which is embedded in that post. It was produced by the National Right To Work Committee, the nation's leading conservative authority on labor law. The Right To Work Committee has been working at rolling back the coercive powers of Big Labor for decades, with a long string of hard earned successes over many decades. The Committee's current President is a man named Mark Mix. You can find more on him, and the details of federal labor law, at the Right To Work Committee's website.

  5. A couple things to point out. First, and most trivial, what exactly is an ""Axes of Evil""? Would that be axes possessed by the devil hellbent on destroying the good trees of the world? I think the word your looking for is axis.

    With regard to the imbedded video you directed me to, you should really watch it again. When discussing the 1973 decision in United States vs Emmons the narrator does not state thate unions are allowed by federal law to perpetrate violence. It actually says that union leaders cannot be prosecuted for acts of violence carried out by members of the union. This is entirely different.

    As an analogy I put forth the following. If 3 Republican members of the House of Representatives were to conspire to and then enact violence then the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is not culpable for their actions so long as he was not complicate in the crime.

    As an example I'll reference the 1986 Dupont Plaza hotel fire which killed 97 people as it is mentioned in the video. The three union members charged with setting the fire were convicted of the crime. Two served 15 and 16 year terms while one is still in prison today 26 years after the incident. While I won't comment on the seemingly short prison terms due to the nature of their crime, they certainly were not exempted from prosecution as you claim in your post.

    Lastly it is not common sense to assume that the purveyor of an economic policy's sexual orientation will be instrumental in leading to a rise in the occurrence of said orientation in any segment of the population.

    Conversely if Keynes were heterosexual do you postulate that would lead to a rise in heterosexuality? The "common sense" answer is no as the suggestion is assinine. He was an economist, certainly not a rock star or Hollywood celebrity and by no means a moral or spiritual leader of men. Therefore his sexual orientation has nothing to do with the policies he advocated.

    As a modern parallel do you believe that if Stephen Hawkins were to announce to the world he was homosexual do you believe that school children who aspire to be theoretical physicists would be more inclined to be homosexual? Again the "common sense" answer must be no. While it is possible that a homosexual student may be more apt to become a theoretical physicist as a result of his announcement, this effect does not increase the number of homosexual students, it would only increase the number of physicists.


  6. Chirp... Chirp...

  7. "Axes of Evil" is the plural of "Axis of Evil." Just as "theses" is the plural of "thesis".