Saturday, June 2, 2012

America's Hunters: The Salt & Light of the World

Armed Hunters Defend Their Natural Right To Bear Arms
at the Concord Bridge in Concord, MA - April 19, 1775 
When the Colonists beat back the British Redcoats from that storehouse of munitions in Concord, MA on April 19, 1775; it was the action of a local militia, made up of hunters and farmers in the vicinity of Concord.  After hearing that the Redcoats were on the march, the local militiamen came running through the woods directly from their homesteads to defend the right to bear arms from the British.   It was an important victory in the Revolution, and we owe it to well armed hunters and farmers, not to a standing Army controlled by Congress.    

When the politicians at the United Nations, or in Moscow, analyze the world's balance of military powers, the focus tends to be on the standing armies, the military aircraft, the warships, and - of course - the nuclear weapons.     These are the forces that are under direct control of the politicians; and these are what concern them the most.      By these measures, alone, the United States is still the supreme power of the world.

But, the US Military is reinforced by a larger army - you might call it the United States'  "second reserve army" - the millions of American hunters.    In fact, this "second reserve army" is larger than our standing army, in terms of numbers of personnel.    At more than 15 Million, America's Hunters represent the largest light infantry in the world; and they are well prepared for defensive military engagement, if it ever becomes necessary.

Well trained marksmen, geographically diversified, and steeped in the traditions of Liberty; America's Hunters are not only the largest, but they are the best militia in the world.    They know the lands that they stand on, and they know the political principles that they stand for ... the principles of freedom and liberty.    What more could you ask from a militia?

In the event that an enemy of the US were to try to take over our country (as the global socialists and the Islamic extremists are all dedicated to do), America's hunters will be there, right where they should be .... spread out over those hundreds of millions of Acres known as "America, The Beautiful."  

The Gun Control politicians want to disarm America's Hunters and scrap the Second Amendment, as well as other components of the Bill of Rights.   To my mind, such policies are outright TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not to mention unconstitutional violations of the natural rights of man.     

America's hunters are a proud breed, as well as an important political constituency.   They are the  standard bearers of Liberty in the 21st Century.     They guard the interior lands against terrorists & invaders alike; and they make an economic contribution to the production of food and other goods in America.    They serve as a highly qualified second reserve Army for America; and their hunting fees are one of the greatest sources of wilderness protection funds.   Most importantly, they have rights, which the government cannot take away.

They shouldn't be harrassed, disarmed, or treated like criminals by the government!    They should be HONORED AND RESPECTED.     By carrying forth the torch of Liberty in the 21st Century, they are humanity's best friend and greatest neighbor.

Here's to America's Hunters, and to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution!   May they both Live Forever!

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